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Custom Stencil Cutting Services


Send us a picture, we'll cut a stencil, you paint your stuff!

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The Stencil Studio provide a professional bespoke stencil cutting service and can cut stencils for any kind of project you have in mind. We hand cut most of our custom stencils and, as far as we know, we are the only business in the UK which offers this service. We are proud to say that our hand cutting is pretty darned good and we would challenge anyone to find a better laser cut stencil! Hand cutting is perfect for smaller quantities and one offs since we have no costly laser set up fees and no minimum order value. Of course hand cutting has some limitations so we also provide a laser cut service for stencils unsuitable for hand cutting and for large volume orders. Our stencils are reusable, washable and suitable for use on any smoothish surface. Just add paint!

Our Prices
Custom stencil prices are based on our estimated cutting time so we need to see a picture of your logo or proposed design together with some idea of how big you would like the stencil to be. Give us as much information as possible.

Stencil Design Requirements
We will adapt or change a design you send us to make it "stencil friendly" but if we have to spend a lot of time recreating or significantly altering an image we will charge you for our time. We don't provide a stencil design service or work from a design brief, we need an image from you to work with - please ensure you have permission to use the image you send us. We will not replicate other company's designs or infringe copyright.
We may be able to send you a rough proof before cutting if you need it but we don't do this as a matter of course. We'll explain any design changes we have to make in our emailed quotation.

Send us a low res image attached to an email, preferably in jpeg format. If you like our quote we may ask for a larger or high res image to work with later on.
Cutting and Delivery Times
Will vary. Roughly speaking we say 1-7 working days for cutting your stencil/s plus delivery time but this will depend on the complexity, size and quantity of stencils you order, and of course, how busy we are at the time of ordering. We'll give you a rough idea in our quotation but this can be confirmed at the time of ordering/payment. We require full payment before we cut and send your custom stencil/s. Please note that custom stencils are non-refunable.  


Email us your requirements for a no obligation custom quotation.

Still got a question? Email or phone us +44 (0) 1453 731233.



Adding stencil bridges

We often have to make small changes to text and logos to make them 'stencil friendly'. This usually means adding stencil bridges to the design to make flimsy areas more stable and keep central or 'floating' parts attached to the stencil. Here we've added bridges to the letter P to keep the letter centre in place, if we didn't add the bridges the centre of the letter would just fall out of the stencil! We'll always try to add the bridges in a way that doesn't compromise the design. You can always use a small brush to paint over bridges if you like.


Logo stencils

We can turn almost any logo into a stencil, just send us a picture. Tell us your size requirements. Our prices are based on the amount of cutting we have to do and start from as little as £10!

Sometimes your logo may not be entirely stencil friendly. If alterations are needed we will let you know and send you a proof for approval. If you need a very large stencil we will require a large or high resolution picture. We accept most picture formats. Logo stencils can be used for marking equipment, signs, luggage and cases, merchandising, packaging, promotional material or t-shirts, one stencil can be used countless times and with any sort of paint.

Sanare Life logo. The smallest we can cut text is approximately 1cm high (depending on font style).

Apples to Pears logo used on shop mechandising stands and paper bags.

We'll work with you to make sure the stencil will fit your space.

We used our own logo to paint jute shopping bags (we also added a few random Hibiscus flower stencils!), simple and quick to do, we used black spray paint for the logo and acrylic paints applied with a stencil brush for the flowers.

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Band logo and name stencils

We can turn your band logo into a single or multilayer stencil. Multiple stencil layers are necessary when you want to paint various colours within a design or you need to paint one colour or design element on top of another.

The Travelling Band's logo is quite complex so it was necessary to cut the stencil in two layers or overlays, the first layer for the red background, the second layer for the white detail. The logo was used on flight cases for the band's tour this year.

The Chemical Brothers logo, just a simple single layer stencil with a couple of small bridges added.

One flight case or suitcase looks much like another until you stencil it with your logo. Spray paint is favourite for this job, it's quick, durable and looks good. When the cases have been painted, you can always use the stencil to paint a few t-shirts too!

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Text stencils

We can turn almost any font into a stencil font, we just have to add small bridges to keep letter centres in place. Text stencils are handy for marking equipment, boxes, signs, you name it. The smallest we can cut text is approx 1 cm high, depending on the choice of font. Stencils can be used and reused as many times as you need. You may have to wash the stencil if paint starts to build up and clog the small cut out areas, thicker types of paint will cause more build up. Clean the stencil with appropriate paint cleaner. Thicker latex type paint will peel off the stencil quite easily once dry.

A selection of text stencils. Just send us your requirements and the name of the font you prefer, let us know if you have any size limitations. We'll resize text to fit your space and get back to you with a price. We cost text stencils according to the size and quantity of letters that you need.

Thanks to Steve Barnes for sending us pictures of his Dutch barge, complete with stencilled name.

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Number Stencils

Has your wheelie bin gone walkabout or your recycling box done a bunk? Put your house name and/or number on the side with a stencil, we used spray paint and it took just a few minutes to do.

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Signs stencils

A stencil makes short work of sign marking. We've made car parking signs, fire escape signs and signs for loo doors. Send us a picture of your requirements with size details.

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Stencils from a photograph

We use photoshop to turn a photo into an image we can cut a stencil from. Ideally the image needs to be quite large with high contrasting areas or shadows. We can take out the background (if you like) and crop the image. Our prices depend on the amount of time we estimate the stencil will take to cut, more detail equals more time.

Randi from Long Beach, California used her custom stencils to paint t-shirts and pyjamas.

ITV asked us to make stencils of some of the presenters on Loose Women. They sent us photographs which we converted and cut stencils from. The stencils were used on the show as templates to cut faces into pumpkins for halloween. Very spooky!

We can also cut multilayered stencils, each layer can be used to paint a different colour, building up a more lifelike picture. Great for painting onto a canvas or t-shirt. Just send us your ideas and we'll see if we can help.

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Stencils from Graphics

Personalise your space with a custom stencil. Send us a picture and size requirements. Please make sure you have permission to use the image, we won't cut copyrighted pictures, logos or designs belonging to other companies!

This large custom stencil was cut on several sheets. Only one half was provided as a stencil, the decorator painted one half and then inverted the stencil to get a mirrored image, saving extra cutting costs, genius! Small stencil bridges can be painted over after stenciling so there are no breaks in the design.

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Body art stencils

Gravitylive using our 'pec size' stencils to promote The Birdcage nightclub and Jergens Naturals with Ruby Hammer.

Face Painting stencils

Whether it's the World Power Boat championships or T in the Park, face painting is a great way of promoting an event and raising your brand awareness. A face painting stencil requires small text and images to fit onto a cheek, logo's/images should be simple and text needs to be a minimum of 1 - 1.5cm tall in order for us to be able to cut it. Send your image over and the approximate size you need the stencil to be and we will reply with a quote if it is suitable.

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Cake decorating stencils

A stencilled cake made to raise money for Help the Heroes in remembrance of Tom Gaden who was killed in Afghanistan on the 22nd Feb 2009.

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