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Vintage Racing Mini Stencil

Vintage Racing Mini Stencil
Vintage Racing Mini Stencil Vintage Racing Mini Stencil Vintage Racing Mini Stencil Vintage Racing Mini Stencil
The Italian Job in your bedroom! Use our 2 layer stencil to paint this iconic car any colour you like.


Iconic Mini Car stencil. Paint it any colour you like with this 2 part stencil.

First paint the main car colour, then use layer 2 to paint the details etc. 

Vintage Racing Mini is a unique stencil design from The Stencil Studio and NOT a wall decal (sticker). Stencils are reusable and can be used over and over again to decorate any surface including walls, fabric, furniture, clothing etc etc. Stenciling is fun, easy, fast and cost effective, just add your own choice of paint and paint through the stencil using stencil brushes, sponges or a roller for instant and amazing results. Use as a wall border, single motif or all over pattern. Alternatively add other stencil designs to make a mural. 

Material: 125 micron Polyester Mylar stencil film. Thin yet strong allowing for close contact to the surface to be painted. Flexible and semi-transparent, reusable and washable. Suitable for use with all types of paint including spray paint.

Getting Started

Choose a stencil design you like and decide which size you need for your project. As well as a stencil you will need paint, low tack stencil tape or adhesive spray and brushes or sponges for applying the paint. Any type of paint can be used although thick acrylic paints will give the best results for walls, fabric paints can be used for fabrics which need to be washed since they can be ironed and 'fixed' ready for washing. Other suitable types of paint include spray paints, oil paintsticks and creams, in fact any type of coloured medium can be used.

Decide where you're going to start. Stencil designs can be applied randomly, in a border or all-over pattern, it's up to you, there are no rules here, that is the beauty of stenciling, your end results will be truly unique.

To paint: use small pieces of tape or spray adhesive to secure the stencil in place, add a little paint to a stencil brush, sponge or roller, remove excess paint and then begin to paint through the cut parts of the stencil, continue until all the cut areas have been painted. Less is definately more when it comes to painting a stencil and too much paint will result in bleeding behind the stencil. If necessary practice stenciling on some paper or card before you start on the wall.

Once painted, remove the stencil, reposition and start again...

Stencils can be cleaned with appropriate cleaning fluid or warm water and a soft brush, be careful not to bend any parts of the stencil. It's not entirely necessary to clean the stencil after use although smaller cut outs may become clogged with paint eventually which will effect the crispness of the design, thicker paint layers can be peeled from the stencil.

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Design Copyright 2011 The Stencil Studio

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