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Your logo or company name on a stencil - just for you!


Our custom stencils are..
  • Reusable and washable
  • Durable - choose from a variety of stencil thickness
  • Easy to use - we can guide you to painted perfection!
  • Versatile - can be used on any surface and painted any colour you like
  • Cost effective - cheaper than buying multiple stickers or employing a signwriter
  • Very easy to buy - just fill out the form and we'll do the rest...


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Jack Daniels custom stencil from The Stencil Studio

So what can I use my custom logo stencil for?


Anything & everything. If you consider that a stencil is simply a tool for applying a design, the possibilities are endless, it's just a case of using the correct application method for the job in hand.


Most surfaces are stencil-able, some a little more challenging, but our stencils are flexible, washable and durable enough to withstand countless uses with all sorts of 'paints'. When we say 'paints' we mean anything, including a jet washer, glue, ink, glitter or even chocolate...


Custom stencils used on a plate from The Stencil Studio

How will my logo look as a stencil?


Some logos work well as a single layer stencil, that means we'll cut your stencil from a single stencil sheet so you will apply the sheet to a surface and paint it in one go.


Some logos require more than one layer, that may be because you have overlapping elements in the logo or areas that require colour separation, we'll cut a separate layer for each colour. Sometimes there are parts of a design which need to be painted over the top of another, for instance your logo may be a large circle with your business name accross the middle, we would cut the circle on one sheet and the name on another. You would paint the circle first, leave it to dry and then paint the name across the top with the second sheet. We always provide etched or cut alignment marks on the stencils so you can align each sheet perfectly to the other.


Multi layered stencil from The Stencil Studio

With most logos we'll need to add some stencil bridges to hold the design together, we'll always add these sympathetically to the design but if you really don't want them in your finished logo you can paint over them or even cut them out of the stencil before painting.


With the Hackney GT logo below we added a small bridge in the G for stability, this is a non-essential bridge, this could be cut out before painting and the G would remain a G. The bridges around the outer circle are essential bridges, they're there to hold the central circle in place, if they were not there the whole of the central part of the stencil would fall out. In both cases when the stencil is painted there will be small strips unpainted below the bridges. Using a small brush and a steady hand the bridge lines can be painted over, however in most cases they're left as-is to give that authentic 'stencilled' look.


Hackney GT logo showing stencil bridges in place - a custom stencil from the stencil studio

What size can you do?


What size would you like? We can cut your logo any size you need it to be, if it's very large (larger than 90cm x 50cm) we may need to split the design onto several sheets, we'll number them or mark them so you know which sheet to apply first. If the stencil is split onto multiple sheets in all directions we'll provide an assembly diagram to show you how to put it together.


Cask ales multi sheet custom logo stencil from The Stencil Studio

I want one now!


We know you do - that's why we offer a super-quick and efficient service, our dedicated quotes team are fast, friendly and on hand to give you all the necessary stencil advice you need. Just fill out our quote request form and we'll get back to you with a no-obligation cost for your stencil, if you like our price just give us the nod and we'll get on with the technical stuff. We promise to keep you posted every step of the way and to give you all the help and advice you need to use your stencil effectively.


get a quote for custom stencils from The Stencil Studio


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