When you consider that a stencil is a simple sheet of plastic with holes cut from it, it is amazing what can be achieved. Just add the correct paint for the surface you're working on and your choice of applicator (brush, sponge, roller, spray etc) and 'voila', magic can happen and surfaces of all types including wood, metal, concrete, porcelain and glass can be transformed. The humble stencil has been around forever and it continues to prove amazingly useful and versatile, just take a look at some of the ideas below, let us inspire you with stencils...

Tile Stencils - trending right now!

With a lick of paint and a tile stencil you can transform old kitchen and bathroom tiles, give your floor tiles a makeover or create a beautiful tiled effect on patio slabs. Our tile stencil singles are available in 11 standard tile sizes however if you need a custom size just purchase the next size up and let us know your tile measurement, we'll resize the stencil to fit exactly at no extra charge. If you're after a tiled effect on a plain surface why not consider one of our tile repeat stencils, great for adding a tiled effect to concrete or walls, all tile repeats also include a free single tile for getting into awkward areas too, winner!

Wall stencils for every room

Whether you're sprucing up a loo or planning a large scale redecoration of the lounge, we have a stencil for you. If you haven't stencilled before you might want to start small and choose a single motif stencil or a simple border design, however, if you're a serial stenciller and more stencil confident an all-over wallpaper effect stencil could be the one for you. That being said, it is not difficult to stencil, the only hard and fast rule is to NEVER use too much paint. EVER! Most botched stencil jobs are down to the stenciller getting over zealous with the paint (just calm down and use less paint!), or the paint being too thin and seaping behind the stencil in which case it might be necessary to apply several thin coats. Once mastered, there is nothing more satisfying than peeling a stencil away from a newly transformed surface.

Furniture - upcycle it, repurpose it, paint it, stencil it!

Fabrics - from cushions to curtains, t-shirts to trainers, blinds, lampshades and all things fabric can be customised with stencils. What's more, fabric paint, once ironed will be washable too! We always recommend using spray mount adhesive on the back of your stencil when you're stencilling fabric. This will stop the fabric moving beneath the stencil and help to give lovely crisp results. You don't have to use paint though, we once stencilled onto denim using a diluted bleach solution with great results.

Bakes - stencils can be used on bread, cakes, coffee, cookies and anything edible by using chocolate, icing sugar, cocoa, flour or food colouring



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