Nov 16 - Our very first stencil workshop, the project, to make, paint and decorate a small wooden tree for the festive season. We provided all the ingredients, demo'd the method and then let our lovely ladies loose to create their own version with paints, power tools and, of course, some fabulous stencils..

All ready to go..

Stencil a tree workshop at The Stencil Studio Ltd, all the materials stacked and ready to go.

After a quick demo the girls got sanding and painting their trees, we used chalk paints for this, providing a lovely matt base for stenciling.

Ready to start painting and stencilling at The Stencil Studio Christmas Tree workshop

Painting with chalk paint, ready for stenciling

Stencils lined up and ready to be chosen for decorating, our new Stencil MiNiS range were perfectly sized and provided lots of choice with stars, hearts and patterns.

Mini stencils from The Stencil Studio lined up and ready to go

Cake, coffee and consideration - planning and deciding on stencils, layout and colours.

stencils and stencil planning, laying out and planning the tree

Delicious Victoria sandwich cake from our friends NomNom Cupcakery

The Scandi Robins from our New Stencil MiNiS collection were very popular with their little patterned breast.

Placing the robin stencil ready to paint

Carefully applying the paint. As with all stenciling projects, the rule is to never use too much paint. A flat ended stencil brush ensures the paint doesn't spread beneath the stencil.

Painting the stencil with acrylic paints and a stencil brush

the finished stencil, our Scandi style Robin from the Stencil MiNiS range

A quick bit of power tooling and they're up! The first finished trees emerge and they look brilliant.

Almost there, the finished stencilled trees are looking great

The first finished stenciled tree, well done Gail!

Mandy with her stenciled tree

We love a happy customer, just look at that smile.

And then we have a forest of fabulous stencilled creations! Our ladies left with their beautiful trees, a goodie bag and a soft spot for stencils.

Ladies with their stenciled trees

We're planning more workshops for the new year, follow us on Facebook for further information and dates when we have them.

Some 'people' found the whole event very tiring!

Jazz dog with a yawn!



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