Top Tips for Stencilling Your Patio Slabs

Transform your patio with our comprehensive guide to stencilling patio slabs! 

7 Amazing Wall Stencil Themes That Will Transform Your Room

Wall Stencil Ideas and Inspiration for your Home
Space Invaders Wall Stencil
June 29, 2023 — The Stencil Studio

How to Totally Transform a Drab Conservatory Floor

Can't afford a new floor? We show you how to transform your old tiled floor on a budget. 

How to Stencil an old tiled floor

5 Reasons Why Stencils Are Better Than Wallpaper!

The top 5 reasons why stencils are a better choice than wallpaper for wall décor.

Checkers Repeat Pattern Wall Stencil

May 10, 2023 — The Stencil Studio

Revamp Your Old Tiled Floor with a Stunning Stencil Design

Fed up of looking at your dull tiled floor? Learn how to revamp with a budget friendly Stencil.Transform old floor tiles

How to transform your child’s room with our Tree Stencil Pack

How to transform your child's room using our Nursery Tree Stencil Pack

Child's play stencilling your room

How to create a Christmas window display using stencils

Adding festive cheer to your Christmas Window displays.
Christmas Window display using Christmas stencils
December 05, 2022 — The Stencil Studio

Branch Tree and Alphabet Stencil Set

How to personalise your Room Decor and make it your own. Take one Stencil Set and add your own ideas!

Branch Tree and Alphabet Stencil Set

Platinum Jubilee Celebrations - 70 years on the Throne

Celebrate the Platinum Jubilee in Style. Get decorating with stencils! 

Union Jack Bunting Stencil

May 24, 2022 — The Stencil Studio

How to Transform your plain Pathway with just a Stencil

We show you how to transform a plain path just using a stencil and some paint!  

Transform your Pathway

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