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"Large Diggers". That was the bedroom wall request of my toddler around 20 years ago, a long search ensued but no Large Digger Stencils were found so I decided to have a go at making some. I bought oiled manilla board and a craft knife and created several complex two layered stencils. They worked! And they were a huge hit with the demanding toddler. One business course later and a lot of hours spent designing and planning I had a party-plan business on my hands. After a quick demo, guests could have a go at stencilling and order from my growing portfolio of stencil designs, I clocked up over a hundred parties in my first year and continued to sell via classified ads in magazines and newspapers too. When baby number two came along I took a break from stencils.

Cutting resumed in 2007 but I soon found myself unable to cope with demand, I asked my sister Clare to come onboard and a few months later The Stencil Studio was officially born. We continued to grow steadily from my home office, hand cutting our stencils and specialising in one off custom stencils for home and business use. A few years later we moved to larger premises and bought our state-of-the-art laser, we've continued to grow and now offer a huge range of stencil designs as well as beautiful hand made stencil brushes.

As well as 'off the shelf' ranges we make a lot of custom stencils for businesses, bands, organisations and individuals, we've cut stencils for pop & rock bands to spray onto flight cases, big brand stencils for advertising & marketing and small scripty text stencils for Lisa and John's wedding, the variety is suprising, even after all these years, and partly why we love our job.

What we enjoy most is providing unique quality products and helping our customers make the best use of them. Our priority is always customer service, we love stencils, we want our customers to be completely happy and confident using them so we bend over backwards to make sure the whole buying experience is backed up with information, advice and support, ultimately to acheive the best possible results, even from a first time stenciller.

In 2015 we launched our range of packaged small stencils for shops and resellers. Beautifully packaged stencils in A4 and A5 sizes available to buy online from our dedicated wholesale website with a great return and friendly support for all our stockists. See here for more information and how to join our fast growing family of outlets.

In 2016 we added the Stencil MiNiS range to our portfolio, stencils more suited to smaller arts and crafts projects such as card making, scrapbooking and more. These cute little packaged beauties make a great gift for anyone with a slight swerve towards crafting, creating, repurposing or customising. 

We're constantly adding new designs to our collections, keeping The Stencil Studio fun, fresh and bang on trend. 

We hope you will enjoy browsing our stencils, get in touch if you need help or advice..

Nikki, Clare & Team

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