Grey is no longer considered a dull and gloomy colour. This neutral colour can create dramatic and calming effects when teamed up with stencils. Grey is incredibly versatile and can be used in both traditional and modern spaces in any room of the house.

Here at The Stencil Studio we have selected some stencilled rooms to demonstrate the versatility of grey. Stencils are quick and easy to use and extremely cost effective. Just one stencil can decorate a whole room! 

Adoor Motif Stencil - Size S

Indian Star Stencil design for decorating walls from The Stencil Studio

Create a calming yet dramatic wall by using pale greys. Simply repeat the Adoor Motif Indian star shaped stencil in a light grey onto an off white wall. Stencils give this living room a spectacular feature wall, decorative yet still relaxing. We have more Indian inspired stencil designs available to buy online.    

Fes Moroccan Star Stencil - Size XL

Fes Moroccan Star Stencil Buy Stencils online from The Stencil Studio

Use our oversized geometric Moroccan pattern stencil for a quick and easy way to add a fresh feel to any room. Simply repeat the extra large Fes Moroccan Star Stencil design to create a feature wall / wallpaper effect. Here the stencil has been painted dark grey onto a light grey wall. Stencilling is so much easier and cheaper than using wallpaper. One stencil can be used loads and loads of times to create this stunning look.

The Fes Moroccan Star Stencil looks great in the living room as well as the bedroom!

Extra Large Wall Stencils - Fes Moroccan Star Stencil from The Stencil Studio

Indian Star Stencil - Size L

Large Wall Stencils From The Stencil Studio - Indian Star Stencil for decorating walls

Create a dramatic effect by painting white onto grey for a real stand out feature. Using the large Indian Star Stencil adds interest to plain grey walls. Create a border using this large stencil design. Stencilling is great fun and you can create your own unique look. This Indian Star Stencil from our Indian inspired stencil range looks perfect in this dining room. 

Japanese Circles Stencil - Size XL

Extra Large Wall Stencils for allover pattern for decorating walls - Japanese Circles Stencil design From The Stencil Studio

Create a soft and calming work space with our Japanese Circles Stencil, repeating the pattern for that all-over / wallpaper effect. Painting the stencil in a light grey onto a very pale grey wall creates a relaxed and subtle look. Perfect for creating calm in any room!

More Oriental inspired reusable stencil designs are available to buy online. 

Linka Circles Stencil - Size L

Large Wall Stencils from The Stencil Studio for wall decorating - Linka Circles Stencil design

Don't be afraid to use dark greys for a more dramatic effect. This wall started out mid-grey but was painted using the Linka Circles Stencil in a very dark grey to create this bold look. The bright colours of the furniture really pop out against the dark wall and give the room vitality. This look was created by simply repeating the Linka Circles Stencil pattern to create this striking feature wall!

Mundi Circle Motif Stencil - Size XLNursery Stencils - Extra Large Wall Stencils for wall decorating from The Stencil Studio

Create the perfect unisex nursery with greys. Here we have painted the Mundi Circle Motif Stencil in a pale grey onto a darker grey wall. Leaving you free to add any accent colour you choose as grey really does go with any colour. Be bold and add brightly coloured furniture and accessories or go relaxed and calming with pastel shades.  

Tula Repeat Stencil - Size XL

Moroccan Stencil designs from The Stencil Studio - Extra Large Wall Stencils for allover wallpaper effect

What about multiple shades of grey? This started out as a plain mid grey wall until we added the Tula Repeat Stencil which was painted in a darker grey with the circles picked out and painted a light grey to really stand out and add interest.

This Moroccan style stencil is perfect for creating an all over wallpaper effect and gives any room depth and character.

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Happy Stencilling! 
Please feel free to comment below and share these ideas. 

    January 17, 2017



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    Love this grey is my colour ?

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