Are not just for walls! We've been designing and cutting unique decorative stencils since the early 90's when paint effects for walls, furniture, floors and anything else that sat still long enough, was the order of the day. Stenciling remains popular today as a practical, simple, effective and creative tool for decorating, although somewhat more subtle in application! Stencils are brilliant for upcycling furniture, adding a touch of pattern to lampshades or for painting a simple border around some fabric or cabinet doors, whatever you stencil just follow a few simple rules in our How To guide here for perfectly painted results.

stencils for walls from the stencil studio, custom stencils are a speciality although wall stencils, furniture stencils and stencils for wood can be purchased online in our stencil shop

Over the years our design collections have evolved to reflect demand, we offer timeless classics like Damask stencils and our ever popular Trailing Ivy stencils as well as up-to-the-minute trends for interiors including a vast range of beautiful Scandi stencils and Pattern stencils for that all-over wallpaper effect. Whether you're decorating a ballroom or a garden shed you'll find inspiration here with our range of easy to use stencils, more creative than stickers, more cost effective than wallpaper.

Buy stencils online from the stencil studio collections of pattern stencils, furniture stencils, wall stencils, stencils for nursery and more

Stencils for Stockists

In 2015 we launched our range of beautifully packaged stencils for re-selling. As a stockist you'll have access to our dedicated wholesale stencil shop where you can  choose from an amazing range of stencil designs to suit your customers and compliment your existing products.

wholesale stencils for resale from the stencil studio wholesale, just fill out an enquiry form and join our fast growing list of packaged stencil stockists in the UK and overseas

Trade prices for beautifully packaged Stencil MiNiS, XS/A5 packaged stencils, S/A4 packaged stencils and superb quality stencil brushes with a great return, friendly support and a dedicated wholesale website are available for stockists. To find out more see our stockist information page here.

become a stencil stockist of the stencil studio stencils for wholesale, get a great return on investment and offer your customers a fabulous range of beautiful packaged stencils for resale
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