Painswick Border & Corners Stencil Set for Tiles

£3.20 GBP

SKU: 11065-2

Painswick border with inside and outside corners stencil set for tiles. Create a border for your tiles or patio slabs. Perfectly sized to fit standard tile sizes. Also great for upcycling furniture, painting patios and outdoor spaces. 

Three stencils are provided, a border stencil, an inside corner stencil and an outside corner stencil. Use the small triangle corner holes on the stencil to position correctly on the tile before painting.

Our tile stencils are made for stencilling individual tiles and are available in a wide range of standard tile sizes. Match with any other designs in our tile stencil range. Not just for tiles either, stencil this border onto walls, fabric or furniture.

Check out matching tile stencils, and stencil sets, just type 'Painswick' into the search box above.

Our tile stencils are...
  • Easy to use and reusable.
  • Made from thick durable plastic Mylar (190 microns).
  • Washable. Flexible.
  • Suitable for use with all types of paint including enamel, acrylic, emulsion, spray-paint and more.
  • Ideal for decorating any surface including tiles, walls, fabric, furniture and other craft projects.
  • In Stock for fast dispatch.
  • Made in the UK.

The size information above refers to the actual size of the stencil design. The design will always be cut from a slightly larger sheet to allow for a border.

Stencils provide a versatile, cost effective and fun way to decorate your home. Stencil any surface including walls, tiles, fabric, furniture, floors and more. Just use the correct paint for the surface you are working on and get stencilling!


All stencil designs & illustrations are copyright of The Stencil Studio Ltd.

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