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Questions about our stencils

What is a stencil?

What are your stencils made from?

How do I use a stencil?

What else do I need?

What size are your stencils?

Can I have a stencil in a different size?

Can you make a stencil just for me?

Are your stencils sticky?

Stencils & stickers, what's the difference?

What are stencil bridges?

How do I use a multi-layer stencil?

Can I use The Stencil Studio stencils on things I make to sell?

How should I clean and store my stencils?

How many stencils do I need?

How should I fix the stencil in place?

What type of paint should I use with my stencil?

Why does paint sometimes bleed beneath the stencil?

What type of surface can I stencil onto?

Where can I buy stencil brushes?

Are your stencils safe to use on food and drinks?

Questions about shopping with The Stencil Studio Ltd

How do I contact The Stencil Studio Ltd

How long will my order take to arrive?

What payment methods do you accept?

How much is P&P - UK & Overseas

I'm not sure my payment went through ok, what shall I do?

Will I pay tax on my order?

Can I cancel my order?

I gave you the wrong address, what should I do?

Where is my order?

Can I leave feedback for The Stencil Studio products and services?

Do you supply to the trade?

Questions about returns

What's your return policy?

Who pays for return postage?

What's your return address?

When will I receive my refund?

Questions about custom made stencils

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