Want to get your business noticed? Need to get your business logo onto your equipment and create your own business signs?

So what are the possible solutions?

  • Employ a Signwriter - This option can be very costly.
  • Vinyl sticker or decal - Stickers can only be used once, they don't stick to all surfaces and they can start to peel off and look a bit naff over time.  
  • Have a professional sign made - This option can be expensive per sign and it could possibly be too heavy to hang/install. 

What about a STENCIL?  A custom made logo stencil to be precise, made to measure, suitable for any surface with any type of paint, can be used loads of times and best of all know that it won't start to peel off after a few weeks.

A bespoke custom made logo stencil really is the most affordable and cost effective solution when it comes to branding equipment and creating business signs. Ashley from Horsebox UK agrees with this after he contacted us to get a custom logo stencil made. Here's his story... 

It all started with an Email:

Ashley wanted his 'The Horse Box UK' logo cut as a large stencil so that he could use it to brand his horsebox that he had recently converted into a mobile catering unit. He attached his image and confirmed that the size of the design required would be 125cm wide. 

Here is the logo Ashley originally sent us:

We replied with a quote:

Our quotes are based on the size and the amount of cutting detail in the design. Our laser bed is 100cm wide, but that's no problem we would just need to split his design over 2 sheets. Our quotes team were able to email him a free no-obligation quote.

Ashley was happy with his quote and wanted to order. That's easy, we just needed billing / delivery details so we could email the invoice. Our invoices are payable online with any credit / debit card so this makes paying really quick and simple too.   

Time to prepare the artwork:

In order to convert a logo to a stencil we need to add bridges to the design to make it stencil friendly. Bridges are just the bits of Mylar left in place that hold the design together.  

So adding bridges to the letters O and B to hold the centres in place was pretty obvious. However, if you take a closer look at Ashley's logo you will notice that due to the 3D effect of the text there are a lot of, what we call, 'floating white bits' (technical term) within each letter.  In order to maintain the 3D effect of the text we would need to add additional bridges to the stencil design.  

See how we added those extra bridges:

So we set to work adding all the bridges required and converting the design to an outline vector file which is the type of file that our laser reads. We also split the design in half so that it would fit on our laser bed.

This is how the vector file looked when we sent it across to our laser. The laser follows and cuts the red lines and etches the black lines. These etched marks will help Ashley align the design when stencilling. The green lines represent the Mylar sheets.

Fire up the laser!

We have an amazing state-of-the-art laser on site which makes quick work of our custom stencil cutting. We basically place the sheet of Mylar in the chamber, close the lid and tell the laser to get to work.

See our laser in action cutting Ashley's custom logo stencil: 

Once complete it was off in the post to Ashley. 

Stencilling time:

Now it was over to Ashley who used his custom made logo stencil to brand his horsebox.

Here is Ashley with spray can in hand using his logo stencil: 

Ashley was really pleased with his stencilled logo so he used his stencil again and again to create other signs and boards. 

Here are some others he made:

Ashley now tours the land in his horsebox offering a mean grilled cheese and coffee. You can find him and the rest of the gang at www.thehorseboxuk.com. His catering business has gone from strength to strength and there is talk of a second horsebox on the horizon.  


This is what Ashley had to say about us:

"I would highly recommend The Stencil Studio's services having received a faultless experience working with them. Having taken on the conversion of a Horsebox, you would think the branding of the trailer itself should be a walk in the park, unfortunately this was not the case. With some very unusual sizes & shapes to navigate, it was a particularly daunting job. Having searched high & low for suitable options, I came across The Stencil Studio who instantly made me feel confident in their services with a particularly thorough & informative discussion they were able to put together the perfect solution to my trailers branding. 

The Stencil Studio went to great lengths to ensure I was getting the best & most suitable end product. They were more than happy to accommodate a number of different design options & ensured I was getting the most out of each stencil sheet. The stencils arrived well packaged & the sizes were perfect. Unlike with vinyl's, I have been able to re-use the stencil a number of times & currently still have the stencil tucked away ready for its next use. 

All round The Stencil Studio have made the process seamless & I wont hesitate to use them again & again.. just like I have with the stencils themselves." 

Ashley Skipp - The Horsebox UK 

Would you like your own custom made logo stencil?

Simply send us your artwork, we'll cut your stencils and you can stencil your stuff!

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February 21, 2017

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