Hearts, roses and love fill the air at this time of year. Make your house a home and fall in love with stencilling. It's so easy and cost effective too. Just one of our reusable stencils can be used to decorate a whole room! But don't just stop at the walls. You can stencil anything from furniture, fabric, cushions, lampshades and more.   

Stencilling is as easy as 123 - Simply Position, Paint, Repeat!

We hope you will fall for our Love stencils collection this Valentines Day. 

Hearts Content Stencil - Size XL

Hearts Content Wall Stencil From The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size XL

Stencil your walls to your hearts content with this Hearts repeat wall stencil. Here we have used a soft grey colour to add a touch of Scandi calm to a feature wall. Heart stencils look pretty in pastel colours too and are perfect for little girls bedrooms.   

LOVE Circus Letter Stencil - Size XL

LOVE Circus Letter stencils from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size XL

Pack a punch with our individual large circus style letter stencils. Stencil above the bed or sofa and add an impact. We like to use bold colours for maximum effect. 

LOVE Circus Letters Stencils - Size M

LOVE Circus Letters stencils from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size M

Here we have simply used fabric paint and stencilled plain cushions to add that finishing touch.  

Summer Rose Stem stencil - Size XS

Summer Rose Stem Flower Stencil from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size XS

Roses in the bedroom are beautiful and romantic. This Summer Rose Stem Stencil is pretty in soft pastel shades and adds a lovely country style in a subtle vertical border around the bedroom. If you're after a more passionate room scheme it has to be red!

Hearts Border Stencil - Size XS

Hearts Border Stencil from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size XS

This Hearts border stencil looks pretty in pink!

Stencilling furniture is simple, we used chalk paint here but we did wax over the stencilled surface afterwards just to protect it. 

Single Heart Bunting Stencil - Size XS

Single Heart Bunting Wall Stencil from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size XS

Stencils are perfect to use in a bathroom, so much better than wall stickers, not only can you paint stencils in any colour to match your decor but also the edges won't suddenly curl up with the slightest bit of moisture in the air.

This heart bunting stencil looks really pretty and is a two layer stencil, but don't let that put you off. Stencilling a multi-layer stencil is as easy as any other stencil, it just may take a tiny bit longer. Simply paint the first layer stencil (the triangle shape), wait for the paint to dry and then position and paint the 2nd layer stencil (heart shape) over the top. Simple! 

Banksy LOVE Stencil - Size XL

Banksy LOVE Graffiti Wall Stencil from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size XL

This Banksy inspired LOVE Stencil looks great in a teenagers bedroom. It almost adds a touch of graffiti style to your room. This stencil design is available in various sizes but we like our stencils extra large for maximum impact. PS, we also do a HATE stencil for grumpy teen ;)  

Love Stencil - Size XS

Love Text Furniture Stencil for your upcycling projects from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size XS

A stencil is a great tool for upcycling furniture and giving it a new look and lease of life. Here we have used the extra small Script style font stencil to create this chic and definitely not shabby table top.  

Love Stencil - Size S

Love Text Furniture Stencil from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size S

You could always stencil the chairs to match too!

Je t'aime Heart Stencil - Size S

French Script I Love Heart Stencil - Je t'aime Stencil from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size S

French is the language of love. We have used the Je t'aime Heart Stencil Size S here to add a bit of stencilling love to a plain cushion.  

Vintage Heart Repeat Pattern Stencil - Size XL

Vintage Hearts Repeat Pattern Wall Stencil for Home Decor from The Stencil Studio - Stencil Size XL

Hearts, hearts everywhere! Love your bedroom again with our Vintage Heart Repeat Pattern Stencil. So easy to create a feature wall in any colour to match your decor. We have chosen red for our vintage hearts to match the bedding. 

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