Have you discovered our enchanting Nursery Tree stencils - we currently have two themes available with more coming soon. They're super easy to stencil so why not create a beautiful large wall mural in your little ones room.



The Nursery Tree stencil pack comes complete with 5 large stencil sheets for creating the main trunk and branches. Two tree shapes are acheivable, a large rounded tree or a windswept tree, the stencils are reversible too so you can have your tree sweeping right or left!


Each Tree stencil pack has all the stencils you need to paint a large 1.5m+ tree. The Nursery Tree stencil pack also contains leaves and bird stencils and the Cherry Blossom tree includes some extra branch stencils, blossoms, lanterns, birds and butterflies. All tree stencil packs contain pictorial instructions for putting the whole mural together.


Oriental Cherry Blossom Tree Stencil Pack

Nursery Tree Stencil pack - Oriental Sakura Cherry Blossom stencil from The Stencil Studio

There are two small branch stencils which provide extra detail, width and height to the tree, the blossoms can be positioned along the branches or turn the stencil on its side and 'hang' the blossoms below the branches, some individual petals are included for adding a sprinkle of falling colour around the base of the tree or blowing in the wind.

The Cherry Blossom pack includes two Mejiro bird stencils, the little bird unique to the Sakura of Japan, these little birds love to hang upside down and hide amongst the blossoms!

Pink room scheme, oriental cherry blossom tree stencil pack from The Stencil Studio

Both theme packs come complete with a large tree stencil which can be created as a rounded tree or a windswept tree, simply follow our pictorial instruction sheets which come with your stencil pack. Once assembled, the tree can be embellished with further branches, leaves or blossoms. The Oriental Cherry Blossom Tree pack includes three different paper lantern stencils, two Mejiro (white eye) bird stencils and some butterflies whilst the Nursery Tree stencil pack comes with some large leaf stencils and four small bird stencils. 

Nursery Tree Stencil Pack

Nursery Tree stencil pack from The Stencil Studio - leaves and bird stencils are included

Depending on how many extra branches, blossoms or leaves you add the tree can measure over two metres (8ft) high! Be as creative as you like, choose a single colour for a monotone mural, match a few colours inspired from your favourite cushion or rug or mix yourself a whole palette of harmonious hues! Whatever you choose you'll be amazed at how easy it is to stencil with this lovely, versatile stencil pack.

Nursery Tree Stencil Pack

Cherry Blossom Tree with Lanterns Stencil Pack

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