How to create a Christmas window display using stencils

Adding festive cheer to your Christmas Window displays.
Christmas Window display using Christmas stencils
December 05, 2022 — The Stencil Studio

Branch Tree and Alphabet Stencil Set

How to personalise your Room Decor and make it your own. Take one Stencil Set and add your own ideas!

Branch Tree and Alphabet Stencil Set

How to Transform your plain Pathway with just a Stencil

We show you how to transform a plain path just using a stencil and some paint!  

Transform your Pathway

What Paint Should I Use to Stencil my Patio?

We look at the type of paint our customers used to stencil their Patios.

What Paint to Use to Stencil your Patio

How to Transform your Doorstep and Improve your Kerb Appeal!

How to give your house extra kerb appeal with a Stencil. 

Bagpath Tile Stencil Doorstep Makeover

How to Transform your Patio Slabs with a Stencil

Easy step by step guide how to transform your patio with a tile stencil.

Finished Patio using a Tile Stencil

How to Transform a Bathroom Floor using a Stencil

We show you how to stencil your existing bathroom floor tiles with a Tile Stencil.  

How to Stencil your Bathroom Floor Tiles


How to Decorate Cupcakes with a Stencil

We show you how to use a stencil with fondant icing to decorate your cupcakes

Snowflake Stenciled Cupcakes

February 17, 2022 — The Stencil Studio

How to Measure your Tiles when Buying a Tile Stencil

How to Measure your existing Tiles when buying a Tile Stencil.

How to Measure your Tiles for a Tile Stencil

January 31, 2022 — The Stencil Studio

Mrs Hinch gets creative with Stencils!

Mrs Hinch creates wooden pallet tractor pictures.

Mrs Hinch does stenciling with our Tractor Stencil

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