Transform your home with Stencils.

Looking to spruce up your walls but feeling overwhelmed by the options? From paint to wallpaper, the choices can be daunting. However, there's one option that stands out as the clear winner: STENCILS.

We'll explore the top 5 reasons why stencils are a better choice than wallpaper for wall décor. Get ready to transform your walls with stencils. 

Checkers Repeat Pattern

Checkers Repeat Wall Stencil - Size XL

1 - Create Unique Designs with Stencils

Stencils offer endless possibilities for creating unique designs on your walls. Whether you're looking to add a bold geometric pattern or a delicate floral design, stencils make it easy to achieve the exact look you want. With a variety of stencil sizes and designs available, you can mix and match to create your own one-of-a-kind wall design.

One of the biggest advantages of using stencils over wallpaper is the ability to customise your design. With wallpaper, you're limited to the designs and colours available on the market. However, with stencils, you can use any paint colour and create your own unique design. Plus, you can easily change up your design over time without the hassle of removing wallpaper.

Lotus Flower Stencil

Lotus Flower Wall Stencil - Size XL

2 - Ease of Application
Applying stencils to the wall is a relatively straightforward process and requires only basic tools. With a little bit of practice, achieving clean and crisp lines is within reach. Additionally, stencils allow you to fix any mistakes along the way, making them an excellent option for novice DIYers.

Stencils offer an easy and low-stress application process, simply position, paint and repeat! 

Emily Pattern Stencil

Emily Pattern Wall Stencil - Size XL

3 - Cost-Effective Option
Stencils offer a creative and cost-effective way to transform your walls without the commitment and hassle of expensive wallpaper. With a little bit of creativity and some basic tools, you can achieve a unique and stylish look that will have everyone talking without breaking the bank. One stencil can decorate a whole room!  It can decorate the whole house if you really like the design. 

Birch Tree Wallpaper Stencil

Birch Tree Wallpaper Wall Stencil - Size XL

4 - Durability and Longevity
Unlike wallpaper, stencils offer long-term benefits when it comes to durability and longevity. With wallpaper, you run the risk of it peeling and fading over time, which will end up causing more expense as you have to replace it frequently. On the other hand, a stencilled wall can stay looking pristine for years, making them a long-term investment for your walls.

Herringbone Chevron Stencil

Herringbone Chevron Wall Stencil - Size XL

Using stencils in a bathroom where there is humidity and moisture is just so much more practical than using wallpaper which may shrink, expand or peel when it comes into contact with moisture. Stencils are suitable with any type of paint so, if stencilling a bathroom, just use the paint specifically designed for bathrooms.

5 - Versatility for Different Surfaces
Stencils can transform different types of surfaces into beautiful works of art. They work well on walls, of course, but they can also be used on floors, ceilings, furniture, and even fabric. With stencils, you can create a unique and cohesive look throughout your entire home.

When it comes to applying stencils on different surfaces, the process may require different techniques and tools. For example, stencilling on fabric may require a textile medium to ensure the paint adheres properly, whereas stencilling on furniture may require sanding and priming beforehand. However, with a little bit of research and preparation, stencilling on a variety of surfaces can yield beautiful results.

Another benefit of using stencils on different surfaces is the ability to change up the look easily and affordably. If you get tired of the design or want to switch things up, you can simply paint over the stencil and start fresh. Stencils also offer the flexibility to change colours and patterns to fit any look and stay on trend.

Layla Leaf Pattern Stencil used on Fabric Roller Blind
Layla Leaf Repeat Pattern Stencil - Size M
Used on Fabric Roller Blind

In conclusion, stencils have proven to be the superior option for wall decor. With the ability to create unique designs, ease of application, cost-effectiveness, durability, and versatility, stencils offer everything you could ask for in a wall décor option. By choosing stencils, you're not only making a smart investment for your home but also unleashing your creativity and personal style. So go ahead, explore the world of stencils, and transform your walls into works of art. As the famous quote goes, "The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy." Don't let wallpaper walls hold you back – embrace the joy of stencils and let your walls speak volumes.

Blackbirds Roost Stencil

Blackbirds Roost Wall Stencil - Size XL 

We hope some of the designs shown here have inspired you to go create your own exclusive unique wallpaper look. We have repeating pattern stencils that easily align up so that you can easily repeat the pattern over the whole area. Or just a simple shape / design can be repeated in any way you want to create your own unique looked wallpaper. So many designs to choose from. What will you choose? 

Longleat Fern Wall Stencil

Longleat Fern Stencil - Size M

Casablanca Moroccan Pattern Wall Stencil

Casablanca Moroccan Pattern Wall Stencil - Size XL

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May 10, 2023

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