Are you tired of staring at your bland conservatory floor, but dread the idea of a costly renovation?

Look no further!

Stencilling is an easy and affordable way to add some personality to your space.

In this blog, we'll show you how Tars totally transformed her conservatory floor into a beautiful work of art. 

We will provide you with easy step by step instructions and some stencilling tips along the way.

All Photos are credited to Tars - Instagram - @renovationdemaison

 Conservatory Floor Transformation using Stow Star Stencil

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How to Transform your old floor tiles on a budget


To ensure a successful stencilling project, it's important to prepare your floor properly.

Tars started by removing the blue carpet to reveal her terracotta coloured tiled floor.

The Tile Floor Before it was Stencilled

But the floor had loads of sticky tape around the edge that needed to be removed first.  

Sticky tape on her Conservatory Floor

Tars used Sugar Soap to really get the surface clean. 

 Clean your Floor using Sugar Soap 

Once your floor is clean and dry you are ready for the next step.

Clean Floor


Tars used Renovation Floor & Stairs paint.

floor paint for the base coat on the floor before stencilling

She started painting the grout areas first. 

Applying the base coat to the floor

Then moved on to the individual tiles. 

Painting conservatory floor in white floor paint

It needed a couple of coats to get the proper coverage.

Needed 2 coats of paint

Top Tip: Wear socks between coats to prevent leaving footprints or dust on the paint.

Painting conservatory floor with white paint

Tars used the Stow Star Tile Stencil for this project. Size 12 inch.
Stow Star Tile Stencil
We have many other stencil designs to choose from.
Tile Stencil Collection
Tars had already measured her tiles so the stencil would fit the tile space perfectly, so the design would be separated by the grout lines.
If you need help then check out our blog that shows you how to measure your tiles and buy the right size tile stencil.
How to Measure your Tiles Guide
When it comes to stencilling your conservatory floor, the key to success is to ensure that your stencil stays in place throughout the process. To do this, you will need to secure the stencil in place using painter's tape or masking tape.

Stow Star Tile Stencil 

Tars decided to use a roller to apply the stencil paint. 

Top Tip: The dense foam roller is the best type of roller to use for stencilling. 

Roller for stencilling

For the stencilling Tars used Good Home Multi-surface paint in the colour 'Princeton'. It looks like a dark grey but on her floor tiles she feels it looks more like black.

Multi-surface paint for stencilling floor tiles

On the very first attempt at stencilling, too much paint was on the roller which caused the paint to bleed under the stencil.  This problem can be easily fixed by removing the excess paint from the roller before you start stencilling. You really don't need very much paint at all! 

TOP TIP: Tars was able to wipe away her first stencil that she wasn't happy with by using sugar soap with a hot cloth and she found the paint came off easily.  

First attempt at stencilling

TOP TIP: Practice a few tiles on old paper / cardboard so you get a feel for how much paint you need.  

The second stencilled tile was perfect. It really is surprising how little paint you need.   

Stencilling the Stow Star Stencil

It is best to do every other tile so that you do not smudge the tile you have just stencillied. Once the paint is dry you can stencil the in between tiles. Remove the stencil whist the paint is wet and move onto the next tile. You could always use a hair drier to help speed up the drying time.  

Stow Star Stencil Painted on Floor

Top Tip: Start stencilling the whole tiles on the far edge of the room and work backwards towards the door/exit!  

Stencilling the Floor with the Stow Star Tile Stencil

Top Tip: Always remove excess paint from your roller / brush before stencilling. Best to dab the roller / brush onto some kitchen paper or old newspaper to take off the excess paint. You never want to overload your brush / roller with too much paint as this causes the paint to bleed under the stencil. 

A thick application of paint will bleed under the stencil, so its best to do thin coats that will give you nice clean lines.  

As you can see Tars used some brown paper to remove the excess paint before stencilling with a very dry roller, only applying a very thin coat of paint and going over the stencil design a few times until she got the paint coverage she wanted. 

Stencilling the Floor using Stow Star Tile Stencil 

Stow Star Tile Stencil

Don't wait for the paint to dry, once you are happy with the paint coverage simply lift up the stencil and move on to the next tile. 

Stow Star Tile Stencil for stencilling Floor Tiles

Stow Star Tile Stencil

Once you have stencilled all the complete tiles it's time to move onto the edges and tricky areas. Bend the stencil and use masking tape to hold the stencil in place as it's bent up the wall. 

Stow Star Tile Stencil

Top Tip: Having a second stencil that you can cut to fit tricky corners is a good idea. Plan carefully before you start cutting your stencil, doing the largest areas first and work your way down to smaller areas that you need to stencil.  

Stow Star Tile Stencil for Floors


When you have finished the stencilling and everything has had time to dry, its time to apply the top coat.

Tars used No Nonsense Matt Finish Stone & Tile Sealer. She applied 2 coats. The first one with a roller and a paint brush for the second coat.  

Tile sealer to protect your stencilled floor

Top Tip: Allow the top coat to dry for 24 hours before any light foot traffic. Allow 72 hours before replacing furniture (and avoid dragging it on the floor). The floor will be ready for full use and fully cured after 7 days. You can then wash it using a non-abrasive general purpose cleaner.  

Don’t you think that Tars did an amazing job! A total transformation using just paint and a stencil – it’s amazing what a stencil can do!

 Stencilled Floor

An amazing new floor on a budget!

Lets just remind ourselves of how it looked before so we can see the drastic transformation. We think it's pretty amazing that with one tile stencil you can transform the look of a whole room. An amazing transformation. 

Conservatory Floor Transformation

Floor before it was stencilled  

Stow Star Tile Stencil

All Photos are credited to Tars - Instagram - @renovationdemaison

Easy Floor Makeover using stencils

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