We provide the Stencil, you add the Inspiration!

Stencil it and make it personal!

Be inspired by The Stencil Studio Branch Tree Stencil set including alphabet set for personalising

The possibilities are endless with our versatile Branch Tree and Alphabet Stencil Set which is easy to use and fully reusable. The pack comes complete with 4 large stencils for the tree, a full set of letters cut from individual sheets and three stencil sheets for the hearts, stars and twine. We'll also include an instruction sheet.

Stencils are really simple to use and make a fabulous, unique and creative alternative to wall stickers or wallpaper. Unlike stickers you'll be able to paint the tree, letters and shapes any colour you like, position them where you like and use and reuse the stencils as many times as you need to get the look you want. Stencils won't peel off either so they're safe for use in kids rooms and nurseries, oh and don't forget that stencils can also be used to paint furniture and fabrics too, just remember to use the correct paint for the surface you're decorating.

Buy the tree for a NurseryKids Room or Family space.

It is the same product (SKU 10770) but we inspire and show you how to use it in different rooms of your home. So versatile. Which room will you use it in?

You really don't need much paint for a stenciling project, those small tester paint pots work great for stenciling walls. Plus they help keep the cost down of your decorating project. Happy Stenciling!


So Simple - here's how..

Paint the lower trunk with stencil number 1

Carefully align stencil number 2 to the previously painted trunk. Paint.

Align stencil number 3 and paint.

Finally place stencil number 4 on the other side of the tree and paint. All done!

Now for the fun bit. Decide where you want your letters to be (tape them to the wall and check your spacing - and spelling!). When you're happy with your letter positions, paint them.

Add shapes and twine, see some of our pictures for ideas, or make up your own.

Alphabet Tree Stencil

You'll notice there are little bridges across the branches and trunk, these are essential for keeping the cut parts of the stencil in place. If you would prefer a more solid looking tree you could paint over the bridges with a fine brush.

See our HOW TO STENCIL page for more information.

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