It is easy to add festive cheer to your Christmas window display using stencils.

In this tutorial we have used the Christmas Houses Window Snow Spray Stencil.

Christmas Stencils for Christmas window display

You can create your Christmas window displays in 3 easy steps:

STEP 1: Position the Stencil

Best to give the window a quick clean before you start. Then you can position the stencil in place using tape.

If you have spray mount adhesive (repositionable glue) then this can be used to help hold the stencil in place but I just used tape on this occasion. 

Christmas Window Display Christmas Stencil Decoration


STEP 2: Spray with Snow Spray

I used a can of snow spray bought cheaply from our local Wilko shop. You can get snow spray from most arts and craft departments around Christmas time. You need to give the can a good shake before you start spraying. Then it's time for the fun bit! Spray in long controlled busts and make sure to kept moving the can so that an even coat gets applied. 

Christmas Window Display using Christmas Stencils

STEP 3: Remove and Repeat

Once you are happy with the amount of snow spray applied then it's time to remove your stencil and repeat the process to create the desired look on your Christmas window display. 

 Christmas Window display using Christmas stencils

Sometimes things can go wrong.  The snow spray is quite runny and you have to be careful when you remove the stencil otherwise you can smudge the design as seen here.  No problem.  Simply wipe away the snow spray and start again. 

Christmas Window display using Christmas Stencils

Easily fixed!

Christmas Window display using Christmas stencils

Top Tips when using Snow Spray to create a Christmas window display with stencils:

  1. Make sure your stencil is firmly in place before spraying the snow spray.
  2. The snow spray creates a bit of a draft that can sometimes lift the stencil whilst you are spraying so use your other hand to help hold the central parts of the stencil in place or use spray mount adhesive to help fix your stencil in place before you start. 
  3. Remove the stencil very carefully so as not to smudge the design.
  4. You can get a lot of over spray when using snow spray so mask off the area surrounding the stencil or have a cloth to hand to wipe off the excess over spray.

Christmas window display using Christmas stencils and snow spray

That's the 3 easy steps on how to use stencils to create your festive Christmas window display. 

 These particular stencils were designed specifically for creating Christmas window displays but any of our stencils are suitable.


See our full range of Christmas Stencils.
Our stencils can literally be used 100's of times for loads of your Christmas stenciling DIY craft projects. Just keep them clean, store them flat and you can use them again next year and for many years to come. 
Happy Christmas stenciling from The Stencil Studio. 
Christmas Stencils
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