As a parent, there's nothing more exciting than creating a fun, cosy bedroom for your child. But let's face it, decorating a child’s room can be daunting and overwhelming, especially if you don’t know where to start and you are on a budget.

That's where our Nursery Tree Stencil Pack comes in - a reusable and easy-to-use DIY tool that can transform your child’s room into a magical space in no time and doesn’t cost the earth.

Nursery Tree Stencil Pack

Meet Jessica who recently transformed her child’s bedroom using our Nursery Tree Stencil Pack and some tester paint pots.

All Photos are credited to Jessica - Instagram - @lifewithlilliedawn_ 
We'll walk you through the process step-by-step, from choosing your colour scheme to adding those finishing touches that will make your child’s room truly unique. So, whether you're a first-time stenciler or a seasoned pro, get ready to unleash your creativity and create a whimsical wonderland that your child (and you!) will love.
We will show you how… 

Nursery Tree Stencil Pack decorating a childs room 
Before we start stencilling, let's first think about the colour scheme you want to use for your child's bedroom. If you're not sure where to start, consider the mood you want to create in the room. Do you want a calm and soothing space or a vibrant and playful one? You can paint the whole design one colour or paint it in more traditional tree like colours. The choice is yours!

Whatever colour scheme you choose, remember to have  fun and experiment with different combinations until you find the perfect one for your little one.

Jessica's Paint

Jessica chose Naturea paint in a small tester pot size in colours grey and green.  The paint has been designed with sustainability in mind.  It's a durable, acrylic and water-based paint. Its formula contains resins made from renewable, bio-sourced raw materials. 

The paint is water based with minimal VOCs which means less smell, better air quality and no need to use harsh solvents to clean brushes and rollers. So good all round. 



Top Tip: Look out for the little tester pots that you see in DIY stores. You really don’t need much paint when stencilling. Great money saving idea!

Before starting to stencil, it's important to properly prep your walls to ensure a smooth and lasting finish. Begin by cleaning the walls with a damp cloth to remove any dust or debris. I know it’s the boring part but trust me just giving your wall a clean will give you a better finish.
Now it’s the fun part - stencilling your trees!
The Nursery Tree Stencil Pack allows you to create two different shaped trees.


Nursery Tree Stencil Pack
A rounded tree shape 
A sweeping tree shape.


You need to have decided which shape you are creating so you can follow the correct set of instructions.

Jessica chose the sweeping tree shape for her child’s bedroom.


Start by fixing Sheet 1 (the trunk of the tree) to the wall using masking tape.

 Painting the Nursery Tree Stencil Pack Painting Nursery Tree Stencil Pack in child's bedroom

Select your paint colour and pour a small amount of paint into a paint tray. Dip your stencil brush into the paint, then dab off any excess before applying it to the stencil.

Top Tip: Use old newspaper or kitchen roll to dab off the excess paint before you start stencilling. You really don’t need much paint!
Nursery Tree Stencil Pack for decorating child's bedroom Nursery Tree Stencil Pack for decorating child's bedroom
When it comes to stencilling, less is best! Apply a light layer of paint to prevent bleeding. Once the stencil is complete, carefully remove it now it’s time for the next sheet.
Simply repeat the process following the detailed pictorial instructions included with your pack to create your stencilled tree shape onto your wall. You don't have to stop at one tree you can paint a whole woodland if you wanted to.  Included in the Tree Stencil Pack are the stencils needed to create both shaped trees and if you wanted a tree to sweep in the opposite direction, simply turn the stencil over. 
Nursery Tree Stencil Pack for decorating child's bedroom Nursery Tree Stencil Pack for decorating child's bedroom
Before you add the leaves you could paint over the bridges (the lines / gaps in the truck and branches) if you wanted to. These bridges (gaps) were just needed to make the design stencil friendly. 
Once your tree is finished its time to add the leaves. Add as many leaves as you want. Maybe a few leaves falling from the tree. Really make the design your own!
Adding the leaves to the Tree Stencil decorating child's bedroom Decorating child's bedroom wall by adding leaves to the tree stencil design
Now its time to bring the tree alive by adding the birds. Perhaps sat on a branch or flying through the air the choice is yours. You are creating your own wall art mural and the finished look is totally up to you. 
Nursery Tree Stencil Pack

Nursery Tree Stencil Pack

Nursery Tree Stencil Pack

With just a few simple steps you can transform your child's room into a cozy and inviting space for your little one to grow and play. 
Nursery Tree Stencil Pack
Don't you agree that Jessica did an amazing job and I think her daughter Lillie Dawn loves it too.
Helping stencil her bedroom
Simply by using paint and a stencil you can create your own unique wall art mural for your child's bedroom.  
All Photos are credited to Jessica - Instagram - @lifewithlilliedawn_ 
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