How to measure your existing tiles so that you buy the correct sized Tile Stencil. It doesn't matter if you are measuring indoor tiles or outdoor slabs, it's all the same process. 

Don't worry, we get asked this question all the time so thought we would show you how.  Simply get out your tape measure and measure your tile from edge to edge, but don't include the grout. 

How to measure your tiles for a Tile Stencil

Once you know the size of your existing tiles then visit our Tile Stencil Collection to see which design you like.  You can see all our Tile Stencils Here.

All our Tile Stencil designs come in sizes to fit standard sized tiles.

So lets say your tile measured 8 inches then you would need to buy the 8 inch Tile Stencil. Just click on the drop down box to select the size you require. 

Tile Stencils

Our Tile Stencil designs are cut just a tiny bit smaller that the actual tile size. So for example, if your tiles measured 8 inches and you have ordered the 8 inch Tile Stencil then the actual stencil design will be just a tiny bit smaller than 8 inches so that the designs fits onto the tile perfectly, (it's only 2mm smaller all the way round so hardly noticeable but it just helps the stencil design fit perfectly in the tile space). This also allows for tiles with beveled edges.

Tile Stencils

If you want the pattern to repeat with just the grout as the natural gaps in the pattern then you need to be accurate with your tile measuring and make sure you select the right size stencil to fit your tiles.

These photo shows how a stencil pattern looks with just the grout as the natural gaps in the design. So to create this look you need to get the right sized stencil for your existing tiles. 

Tile Stencils when the pattern joins together

The stencil design is cut from a larger sheet to allow for a border, this just helps hold the stencil together and allows you to move and re-position the stencil without getting your hands covered in paint, so don't expect the whole sheet to fit onto your existing tile. 

Tile Stencils

If we don't do a size that fits your tiles then just let us know. We can cut the size you need for no extra cost.

So for example, if your tiles measured 7 inches then simply buy the next size up (in this case the 8 inch Tile Stencil), add a note at the checkout to tell us the exact size of your existing tiles and we will re-size the design for you. We would cut the design just a tiny bit smaller than the 7 inches you told us so the design fits perfectly on your tiles (as mentioned above). 

If you prefer to work in cm that's fine. The cm measurement is given in brackets in the drop down box. For example 8 inch (20.32cm). As mentioned above, we make the design 4mm smaller than this so that it fits your tiles perfectly. So if your tiles were 20cm you may think that our standard 8 inch design would fit your tile. Technically, yes it would just about fit with the actual design measuring 19.92mm but it would be too close to the edges for you so we wouldn't advise this size. We would suggest that you request a custom made tile stencil to fit your 20cm tiles. So simply buy the next size up, in this case it's the 8 inch design and let us know that your tiles measure 20cm, in the notes section on the checkout page, and we would cut it perfectly so that it fits.  

This image shows where you add the note on the checkout / Cart page - the box is called "Note to Seller:" Simply type your size information into the box.

Note to Seller


There is another option, if you don't necessarily want the pattern to join up then selecting a stencil design that is a lot smaller than your existing tiles also looks great. See the photos below for inspiration. 

Tile Stencil - When the design is smaller than the existing tile

You decide what look you want to achieve.

If you have any questions or need any help then simply email us at

You can see all our Tile Stencils here.

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