Step by step guide to giving your doorstep a makeover. 

Bagpath Tile Stencil Doorstep Makeover

This doorstep makeover belongs to Zoe - All Photos are credited to Zoe - Instagram - @thesilvasouter


If you have existing slabs then you would normally measure them and buy the right sized stencil to fit your slabs. If you want to have a stencil design that fits your slabs perfectly then see our easy guide to help you with this.

How to Measure your Tiles

However, as you can see in the photo below, Zoe only had two big slabs and then some smaller ones at the front. The two complete slabs are 23.6 inch x 23.6 inch (60cm x 60cm). She could have bought our 60cm sized tile stencil but then would only have had two complete stencil patterns. She wanted to create the illusion of more tiles so bought a smaller sized stencil. She decided on a 14 inch (35.5cm) sized stencil. 

  Doorstep Makeover using Bagpath Tile Stencil

Zoe used the Bagpath Tile Stencil - Size 14 inch (35.5cm) 

Bagpath Tile Stencil

We have loads of designs for you to choose from. See our full Tile Stencil Collection here. All suitable for use with any type of paint for both indoor and outdoor use. 

Tile Stencil Collection


You need to give your surface a really good clean. This really is the most important part of the project. A good clean surface is the key. If your surface isn't clean and debris free then the paint may not adhere properly causing it to flake off over time. 

Doorstep Makeover

TOP TIP: Your surface needs to be clean to get the best results.

Ideally use a jet washer to clean off any dirt, algae, mold or moss, but if you don't have one then it just requires a bit of hard graft to clean your slabs. Scrubbing them with washing up liquid or a diluted bleach to get them really clean. 


Once your surface is all clean and dry then its time to apply the base coat. Zoe used Leyland smooth masonry paint for the base coat. This product is available in a range of colours. Zoe used White. 

Doorstep Makeover using Bagpath Tile Stencil

TOP TIP: Masonry paint should not be applied to surfaces when the ambient temperature is below 5 degrees or higher than 25 degrees. Also the painted surface should be protected from rain for a minimum of 48 hours so its important to keep an eye on the weather before you start your project. Some paints may differ so always double check the paint label before you start.

You may decide that you need a second base coat so wait at least 6 hours before applying a second coat. Once it's dry it's time to get to the fun bit!  


Its a good idea to fix / hold your stencil in place whilst you paint, you could use frog tape, masking tape or something small and heavy to hold the corners down, such as small tins of paints for example.

Bagpath Tile Stencil

Zoe started stenciling to the left of the middle line of her doorstep area, this meant that the finished look would be symmetrical. 

Bagpath Tile Stencil Doorstep Makeover 

Zoe used Rustins masonry paint in black for the actual stenciling. She used a paint brush to apply the paint but you could also use a paint roller that might make the job a bit quicker.

Doorstep Makeover using Bagpath Tile Stencil

Whether you use a paint brush, stencil brush or a paint roller it is important that you wipe off the excess paint before you apply it to the stencil. It's the excess paint that can cause bleeding underneath the stencil. You really do not need much paint at all. 

TOP TIP: A soft cushion or a blanket to kneel on might help your knees! 

Doorstep Makeover using Bagpath Tile Stencil

After completing the first stencil Zoe completed the row.  

Doorstep Makeover using Bagpath Tile Stencil

Then it was time for the fiddly bits as the doorstep is in the way.  The Stencil will curve / bend out of the way. It's best to just fix it in position as best you can and then use your free hand to hold the stencil down whilst you paint, remembering to remove the excess paint first. 

Bagpath Tile Stencil Doorstep Makeover

Zoe didn't use a sealer on this project but if you want to give your stenciling some extra protection, then just use a patio sealer such as No Nonsense Path, Patio and Driveway Sealer. Patio SealerSo what do you think?  Quite a transformation isn't it? 

Doorstep Makeover using Bagpath Tile Stencil

Zoe said "It was so easy and I love the result."

Doorstep Makeover using Bagpath Tile Stencil

 Such a budget money saving makeover, just using a stencil and some paint!

Doorstep Makeover using Bagpath Tile Stencil Bagpath Tile Stencil Doorstep Makeover

Here are some more doorstep transformations to inspire your next project. 

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 So what do you think? Are you inspired to take on your own project? 

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