Here we take a look at some of our Customers Projects and ask what type of paint they used. ​


Liz @home_at_no36_ painted her patio useing Santex Ultra Smooth Masonry paint for the base coat in Colour - Plymouth Grey.  To paint the stencil Liz mixed together the Santex Ultra Smooth Masonry paint Plymouth Grey with some Black to create the perfect grey for her stenciling. She used the Kingscote Tile Stencil

Sandtex Ultra Smooth Masonry Paint

After everything was dry she used No Nonsense Path, Patio and Driveway Sealer. 

 Path, Patio and Driveway Sealer

Click here to read our blog which shows you how Liz stenciled her patio.

Kingscote Tile Patio Stencil

Kingscote Tile Patio Stencil


Miserden Tile Stencil Patio MakeoverMiserden Tile Patio Stencil

Delia Amanda @deliaed2309 stenciled her patio useing Granocryl Smooth Masonry paint in black for her base coat. Masonry Paint used to Stencil Patio

For the stenciling she used the Miserden Tile Stencil and Wickes Smooth Masonry Paint colour - Storm Grey.

Masonry Paint for Stenciling the Patio

She decided not to use a sealer. I am happy to report that 2 years after she painted it, it still looks great.  

Miserden Tile Stencil Patio Makeover

MISERDEN TILE PATHWAY BY PIXIE Miserden Tile Pathway Makeover

Pixie @colourmadetheroom contacted us for a collaboration in the summer of 2021. She had been inspired by the images she had seen on our Instagram page. She was completely transforming her garden and a stenciled path would add a bit of instant colour to her garden. See her garden transformation video here. She used Coat Exterior Paint in Black for the base coat of her paving slabs.


Exterior Paint for Stenciling Patio Slabs

For the stenciling of the Miserden Tile Stencil, Pixie used Coat Exterior Paint in Dark Dusty Blue Teal. 

Stenciling using Coat Exterior Paint

Miserden Tile Stencil Path Makeover


BAGPATH FRONT STEP MAKEOVER BY ZOEBagpath Tile Stencil Doorstep Makeover

Zoe @thesilvasouter transformed her front doorstep using Leyland Masonry Paint in white for her base coat. Masonry Paint for Stenciling Slabs

Zoe stenciled the Bagpath Tile Stencil using Rustins Masonry Paint in Black. Click here to see our Blog giving your more information on how Zoe transformed her doorstep.

Masonry Paint for stenciling patio slabs

Zoe didn't use any sealer but her doorstep makeover is still looking great 2 years later.

Bagpath Tile Stencil Doorstep Makeover


Bagpath Tile Stencil

Lucy @home.on.the.avenue created her own patio rug using our Bagpath Tile Stencil. She repeated the pattern, on plain concrete, to create the size she wanted, then added the border and tassels by painting them freehand. She used Zinsser All Coat Exterior Satin for the black and white parts of the design and Rustolem Painters Touch Multi-purpose paint in Candy Pink. 

Exterior Paint for Stenciling a Concrete Patio Painting Tile Stencils

These are just a few of our customers projects showing you some different paints that are available to use on your patios and paths. 

 So what do you think? Are you inspired to take on your own project? 
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